Publications and Presentations


“Grant vs Contract – What is the Difference and Why Does it Matter?” Taxation of Exempts, Volume 28, Issue 1 Click here []]


Duke Nonprofit Management Certification Course

August 2016 Vail, Colorado

“Emerging Issues in the Nonprofit Landscape”

Nonprofit leaders must manage the affairs of their nonprofit corporation in an evolving legal landscape. As nonprofit organizations have become more entrepreneurial, they too often have been stymied by legal and regulatory regimes that were designed for an earlier era. In this session, participants will have an opportunity to discuss these and other issues with an expert in nonprofit law.


Colorado Nonprofit Association Fall Conference

October 2016 Denver, Colorado

“Advocacy, Lobbying, and Philanthropy”

Many nonprofit organizations don’t understand the differences between advocacy and lobbying and the tools available to them in both of these categories.  This session will walk participants through the definitions of direct and grassroots lobbying under the IRS rules and provide them with an understanding of how nonprofits can both advocate and lobby in furtherance of their purposes.